Should I Delete This Blog?

Dear Readers,

I’ve been looking over my online content in an effort to clean up the website and streamline data.  As I was clearing out bulk, I found myself fixated on the question, “Does this matter?”  I wondered if my blog even offered anything that readers find helpful.

I am interested in your thoughts.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you like, what you don’t like, or if you even find any of this helpful.  I don’t want to be one of those people who spouts my opinion and simply uses the internet as a soapbox.  I fear becoming narcissistic.

So, the question remains, Should I delete this blog?

2 thoughts on “Should I Delete This Blog?

  1. I haven’t followed this blog for long and haven’t read a lot of the posts, so I won’t do the survey, but I like the blog. I wouldn’t expect it to be updated frequency or have ground-breaking posts, since music et.c. is more your core focus, but I also don’t think that is necessary to justify its existence. I see it as a nice, neat and visually pleasing platform that gives an overview over what you do. Most likely, many of your readers follow the blog in feeds or via email, and read other bllogs as well – so they don’t sit and wait for you to write a great post, and don’t get annoyed if none is coming. It is just a channel you can use when you have news or something you’d like to express in writing where you find a blog post is a good channel for it, and otherwise just let it be. The blog is a more stable and calm and “spacious” platform than e.g. Twitter, where news & thoughts soon drown in other messages. My point is: I think the blog should stay, unless it is for some reason (perfectionism?) disruptive too you.

  2. (Sorry about my typos… Unfortunately I tend to do that a lot. For some reason I can’t see them until after I click the “Post Comment” button)

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