It was the experience of a lifetime having a Documentarian follow me around, motivated by a deep interest in what it means to be me.  I was honoured when John Schaffer of Wild Asparagus Productions reached out to me through social media.
The trip to Sedona was like a musician dream.  Incredible landscapes and an energy unlike any place I had visited before.  For the finale, John made a trip to Atlanta where I was able to stand before the students I had taught and hear them play the songs I wrote in my youth. That was an experience that still makes me smile

Watch the Documentary

The Shadow Listener: a voice for autism [Use Promo code: "shadow" to watch for free] from Wild Asperagus Productions on Vimeo.

The Shadow Listener is a 29 minute documentary about a woman who hears a constant soundtrack in her mind. Just as everything casts a shadow, so do they cast a song. Laura Nadine is an award-winning violinist, a music teacher, a mother of two, and a woman with autism. This documentary uses Laura's shadow songs as a thread to explore her world. From her difficulties to fit in with her peers at school, through her obsession with the violin, and all the way to her diagnosis in adulthood, Laura shares her story as musician and an advocate for the autism community.