I approached several publishers with my first draft and I was quickly turned down with the byline – there just isn’t a market for books written by women on the spectrum. So I went to work creating, editing, laying out, and publishing my book on my own in 2011. I continue to write on my blog, but I hope to be picked up by a formal publisher who can carry the burden of marketing, designing, and promoting my books, a skill set that is not my strength. I actually enjoy the books signings and the fans who approach me with their favourite bits of the story.

I Am Snamuh, 1st edition

The first cover was a disaster, but what did I know? I must admit the title was also a bad decision. My book is honest and unfiltered, which meant I didn’t spend any time at all considering how people would react to the title. The word Snamuh is the word Humans written backwards. That’s me, a backwards human, struggling to figure out life on a planet not built for me. If I had it to do over again, I would probably use the title The Shadow Listener.

Despite it’s look, I received many great reviews on Amazon.

“I loved this book! After hearing Laura Nadine speak at an Autism Conference I wanted to know more about her and her life. This is a wonderful glimpse into the life of a person with Asperger’s Syndrome. I am adding it to my list of must reads.”
– Courtney Bernardo

“Laura Nadine gives an intriguing personal account of how her life, in many ways, has been “backward.” Hence the title word “Snamuh” — “humans” spelled backward. A gifted musician, Nadine gives a humorous-but-gripping account of her struggle with Asperger’s, how she used music to overcome communication barriers. “When I played the violin, it was the only language I could speak clearly and without offense to others.” The true brilliance of this book is the author’s ability to observe herself.A great read for anyone interested in Asperger’s in particular and the human brain in general.”
– Richard White

“From the very first pages, Laura Nadine’s chronicle of her experiences growing up with Asperger’s is compellingly written. Laura’s insight — and her keen sense of humor — make this book as delightful as it is penetrating.”
– Deborah French

I Am Snamuh, 2nd edition

When I redesigned the cover in 2013, Amazon wouldn’t allow the reviews from the first edition to carry over but I can assure you it is the same book with a spiffy new look and some added photos. Again, a self-published book, I was responsible for everything from design to promotion. My daughter, Allana, took all of the photos using an iPhone, this time making sure we carried over the alien theme with actual antenna. Purchase.

Puzzles for Angie

For fun I also published a book called Puzzles for Angie, featuring a strong woman with a disability as the lead character. A bit of a cheesy, Hallmark style holiday story, I wanted to create a character that could overcome her circumstances using her abilities that were enhanced by her disability. I also wanted to nod to the past advocates by creating a character who spent her life in silence because of her disability. A self-published soft cover book was once available on Amazon but now it is only available digitally. Purchase,

Learning to Fall, How autism let the light in

Coming Soon..

My newest book is a huge project that includes music, video intros, and follow up classes via videochat. I wanted this book to be a multi-sensory experience for the reader, so that you could really feel what it is like to see life through Autistic eyes, at least from my experience of it.

A self-published project this book is requiring hard work and personal resources to make into a reality. As always any donations made through this site will help fund the project.

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