Presuming Parental Compentence

lauranadine/ August 11, 2017/ autism, Rising Like the Phoenix/ 1 comments

Dear Phoenix, I am getting ready to talk about us at a conference in San Diego next month. As I was scanning my past presentations, I realized that the gap between parents and teachers are growing, and neither of them are to blame. A quick scan of therapies for Autism, and articles on special education, so much on parental incompetence

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Traveling with Autism is getting harder, not easier. Why?

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Dear Phoenix, It is not uncommon to see public spaces with accommodations of various types.  Restaurants have high chairs for little ones who can’t reach the tables quite yet.  Shopping malls have strollers for children and wheelchairs for elderly who find it difficult to walk the entire mall.  Even in states with public smoking restrictions, many of these places still

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Teaching Phoenix to Climb

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Dear Phoenix, It has been a few days since I last wrote to you, but something amazing has happened.  I am in Alta, Wyoming attending the wedding of a good friend of mine.  She wanted my shadow songs to accompany her wedding on the top of a mountain facing Grand Teton.  It is beautiful. To arrive at ceremony spot, I

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Today I am Proud of my Autistic Son

lauranadine/ August 2, 2017/ autism, emotions, Rising Like the Phoenix/ 2 comments

Dear Phoenix, I have to tell you today about my son, Jacob.  After years of hard work, struggling with people telling him he would fail because of his autism, and many mistakes, he graduated high school.  He will be 17 on Friday. Like it?  I think his ideas for design are fascinating.  You can see more on his portfolio. Jacob’s

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Monday Grievances

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Dear Phoenix, I’m filled with so much frustration over the way things are going for me lately that all of my carefully built filters are burning off.  I am finding it more and more difficult to keep quiet about the things others do that hinder progress, or create barriers.  I wanted to write to you about it today, but your

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The Story Behind River Oasis

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Dear Phoenix, Did I ever tell you about why I wrote the shadow song, River Oasis? I struggle with knowing who my friends are.  People say they are my friends, but I sometimes get confused with the term friends. Everyone seems to have their own definition of what a friend is, so I just really never know, until a confirmation event.

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The Day I Was Wrong, and it was Fantastic.

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Dear Phoenix, Presuming competence is the foundation for effective special education.  We can no longer build models based on repetitive behaviors, rewards, and exclusion.  Our lack of understanding as educators must be the curiosity incubator rather than the cage that causes us to recoil when our foundations and pedagogies are questioned.  We must evolve from the mindset of you must

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Dear Phoenix, Vendergood.  It’s a real thing.  Sometime in the early 1900’s a rarely known man by the name of William James Sidis created a constructed language called Vendergood.  He combined Latin, Greek, French, German and other Romance languages to create his very own.  He had taught himself 8 languages.  He did this by the age of 9. Intelligence is

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How to Love without Anyone Noticing

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Dear Phoenix, Yes, Autistic people have feelings of attraction.  I have had to learn how to funnel my feelings into socially acceptable actions, which is hard since societal definitions of how women should behave in manners of attraction vary so much between regions, political beliefs, and cultures.  My innate ideas of expression follow along more traditionally male accepted behaviour.  I

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