Nothing about creating an album is easy.  This album was recorded in my home in Atlanta.  I used a usb mic connected to my Macbook Pro and edited everything in Garage band and Logic Pro.

Anything stringed is a real acoustic instrument played by me.  All other instruments such as the drums, percussion, voices and piano are all midi produced.  I did not have any help with editing this album nor had I ever recoded an album before.

Through the generous support of friends and fans I was able to run a campaign on Indiegogo and raise a few production dollars.  In fact, the dollars helped me buy the Yeti mic and eventually my first copy of Logic Pro.

Originally I produced the album on Amazon’s service create space and it is still available for sale on  However, the cost of printing leaves very little for royalties.

A few years ago I discovered bandcamp, a website for starting musicians to sell their tracks for digital download.  All of my tracks for Chasing Shadows are available at no cost on bandcamp, though you can make donations there for the album if you wish.

On occasion I also publish a new tune on Soundcloud.  The link to that page is in the social media menu at the bottom of the page.