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How to stop time

lauranadine/ October 26, 2017/ autism, emotions, Rising Like the Phoenix/ 0 comments

Dear Phoenix, Negativity is a foul disease that infects the air of adventure.  The information wars between those who push and those who seek are louder now, and it seems fear has its fingers on the volume dial.  Though the heat from your flames are scorching me, for the first time I find I am able to channel the fire,

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When Charity Taketh Away

lauranadine/ October 5, 2017/ autism, emotions, Uncategorized/ 1 comments

How Autism Speaks stole income from working Autistic people This past week I presented at a conference in San Diego called Love and Autism.  The conference was put together by the amazing professionals at The Family Guidance and Therapy Center of Southern California. I have spoken at many conferences, but this one is the most unique I have experienced so

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