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How Sweet the Moonlight Sleeps – Performance for The Shadow Listener

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On 6 June 2015, 29 friends and students of award-winning violinist, Laura Nadine, performed excerpts from her musical How Sweet the Moonlight Sleeps, as part of the upcoming documentary The Shadow Listener by John Schaffer. They had only one rehearsal together to learn music never heard before. Starting at the age of 14, Laura has composed pieces for her musical,

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What it is like to be Autistic and a Feminist.

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I believe many people have an ill concept of bravery.  Being bold in the moment and then returning to mediocrity is something we have come to reward in society because it is easier to identify a single, anomalous moment than to pay attention long enough to truly see those who have exchanged moments of bravery for a lifetime of steadfast

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