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The Story of Socializing with Cooperative Hunters -or- I Swear This All Happened Before I Processed “Hello.”

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(Another excerpt from 3 Pairs of Shoes, coming out in November of 2014.) Lisa, my dad, and I went to the car rental place to fix a problem with the bill.  I’m not a fan of face-to-face interaction when problems need solved, because I tend to get frustrated trying to find the correct sounding words to keep the employee calm

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Why are so many people with autism depressed?

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It is certainly no secret that signs of depression are seen in many people with autism.  In fact, the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders ( Vol. 32, No. 4, August 2002) published an article showing that clinic-based studies suggest that depression is probably the most common psychiatric disorder seen in people with autism. [1] As a person with autism, I have personally struggled with

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You Should Spend 5 Minutes Today Doing This

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5 for 5 Spend 5 minutes today learning about depression and suicide.  Start with The Suicide Prevention Lifeline website Then, copy the above website link or the meme I made below and send it to 5 other people. Let’s do more for those who feel there is no way out.

Should I Delete This Blog?

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Dear Readers, I’ve been looking over my online content in an effort to clean up the website and streamline data.  As I was clearing out bulk, I found myself fixated on the question, “Does this matter?”  I wondered if my blog even offered anything that readers find helpful. I am interested in your thoughts.  Please leave a comment and let

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