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Let’s Get Real

lauranadine/ March 29, 2014/ autism, emotions, Uncategorized

I need 17 minutes of your time to ask a very important question. Feel free to post comments. Be nice. Mean comments or blame shifting posts will not be approved. Special thanks to my friends for their support, to Miss Representation for the courage and support system to talk openly about these issues, and to all my fans and supporters

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lauranadine/ March 24, 2014/ autism, emotions, Uncategorized

When I speak in pubic about autism, the question that continuously comes up, in many different phrases is “does my child with autism love me?”  It’s a very difficult question for me to answer, because it saddens to me to think that parents feel unloved by their autistic children.  It saddens me more to think that a child must continuously prove their

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The Mask People Call Friend

lauranadine/ March 15, 2014/ autism, emotions, Uncategorized

The amount of hours I have spent in therapeutic settings learning the social skills, body language, and facial expressions of the neurotypical world has consumed enough hours that I should be an expert on the topic.  This non-verbal language system that our society boats as essential to living seems to rattle around in my head like BB’s – more powerful

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