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Farewell Catarina, Farewell to Love

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As I am a creature of patterns, though there is a vast difference between patterns and repetitious outcomes that slap me in the face. Despite my prodigious optimism, to see past persistant repetitious outcomes, I am mourning the reality that one particular area of my life may be settled into a pattern opposite of what I desire. The area of

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How Do You Teach A Fish To Fly?

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What if we woke at sunset, and bedded down at the rooster’s crow? What it we lived days lit by moonlight, napping through nights in the warmth of the sun? Would we all rush to the seaside to get a moon tan? Would Ray Bans still be in fashion? When the moon is full would we wear hats to protect

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The Autism Industry and the Glare of the Blue Light

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The Background, and My Own Struggle I read an article in USA Today last May that touched me very deeply.  AP Medical Writer Lindsey Tanner reported that 1 in 3 Autistic young adults “…have no paid job experience, college or technical school nearly seven years after high school graduation.” [1]  I wish I could say I was shocked, but as a

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