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there’s this bridge I’m looking for i don’t know the way it goes but I’m sure it spans the distance  between our shores on foot’s the only way to trek this life, all short cuts wane no one said that building bridges was the easy toll to pay   trees they reach to touch the light though they have no

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The APA cured me of Autism.

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Initial Reaction   You heard me correctly.  I have been cured of autism, at least according to the APA and their fifth version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V).  This is because Asperger’s is no longer classified as an autism spectrum disorder.  In fact, Asperger’s doesn’t even appear in the DSM-V at all.  According to the author of the

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Accepting Change Leads to Tier 1 Penetration – And I like it.

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After a weekend of adjusting to change, and processing the emotional fallout of those around me, I have reached some level of clarity.  Perhaps the change was good for me.   As one with autism it is understood, and on some levels expected, that I would have difficulty with change.  Change means processing new people, habits, patterns and input.  This

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The year of r – Opening Thoughts

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Family is in town and I have once again been summoned to help them find their way through the autism maze.  I don’t know them well, as is often the case with extended family, but I am always happy to help when I can.  As we talk, I am reminded of my own misery in that I continue to make

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