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Finding My Passion for Teaching

lauranadine/ August 14, 2017/ autism, music, Rising Like the Phoenix/ 3 comments

Dear Phoenix, There is a certain kind of giddy I get when I think about the students I teach.  Every one of them brings to me a renewed sense of the world around me. When I first started teaching, I worked as an after school music tutor.  After a few sessions, I knew that teaching was misunderstood as a profession

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The Story Behind River Oasis

lauranadine/ July 31, 2017/ autism, emotions, music, Rising Like the Phoenix/ 0 comments

Dear Phoenix, Did I ever tell you about why I wrote the shadow song, River Oasis? I struggle with knowing who my friends are.  People say they are my friends, but I sometimes get confused with the term friends. Everyone seems to have their own definition of what a friend is, so I just really never know, until a confirmation event.

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Listen to My Voice

lauranadine/ May 1, 2016/ autism, emotions, music, Uncategorized/ 1 comments

Listen to My Voice In an interview with NPR’s A Closer Look, my son, Jacob, and I talk about living with autism. During our interview we talk about many aspects of our lives, but one theme is reoccurring – a sense of belonging.  Jacob and I both speak of not having a place to fit into every day society, and how our

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Not Autistic Enough

lauranadine/ April 28, 2016/ autism, emotions, music, poetry, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

I have given at least 100 presentations on living with autism to crowds of all sizes.  My most requested presentation is entitled Let Me Fall.  I begin with a preview of a documentary made about me called The Shadow Listener, and then introduce myself as being autistic.   I talk about growing up with autism, undiagnosed, presenting my struggles and

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The Tiny Rowboat

lauranadine/ November 27, 2015/ autism, emotions, music, Uncategorized/ 2 comments

Coexisting with my neurological roommate, autism. While traveling with friends this past week, I got to visit a lakeside park in Toronto.  We walked down a gravel path and onto a small beach that was nestled into a sheer rock cliff. The clean, crisp strength of the rock gently draws the eyes around the cove, until they are lifted by

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Music Saved My Life

lauranadine/ June 4, 2014/ autism, emotions, music, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

I have had some time to look over what this group is doing for the arts. The Creative Coalition understands the value of the arts in society and in education. Many of you know I had a private violin teacher whom I adored, but I was also trained in the public school orchestra program under a group of very talented

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Happy New Year!

lauranadine/ January 1, 2014/ autism, music, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Snowflakes 2014 All that could have gone wrong with this film, did. My mic stopped working, forcing me to replace the violin with a midi instrument on the soundtrack. Then, my camera failed, so I had to film the entire thing with my iPhone. Finally, my aging laptop caused iMovie to crash 16 times, and made the exporting take 2

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The Shadow Song of an Autism Christmas

lauranadine/ December 21, 2013/ autism, music, Uncategorized

Guest blog post for Awe in Autism I loved Christmas as a kid. The excitement of gifts was a small part of it, but what I really liked was the music, the yummy family cookies, and the Christmas tree. There are so many fond memories of Christmas with family. My dad would string the hundreds of glistening, white lights and

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