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A Monday, Changes – An excerpt from my next book “3 Pairs of Shoes”

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First, the three shoes Red shoes – the teacher.  Red Shoes are slick, and shiny, with slim, wax covered laces.  Her red shoes make a sharp heel sound when she walks down the hallways, followed by a clicking noise, as the tips of the laces tap the sides of her shoes.  When she walks, she means business.  She has much compassion

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The Way of the Bonsai

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There had been great anticipation inside the hearts of the couple who, one day, gave birth to twin girls.  Their efforts to continue in love, the image of themselves, perhaps embodied in the personality of another, rejoiced in their gift, multiplied by two. As the girls grew, the parents became suspicious of the twins.  They had been taught how twins

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Farewell Catarina, Farewell to Love

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As I am a creature of patterns, though there is a vast difference between patterns and repetitious outcomes that slap me in the face. Despite my prodigious optimism, to see past persistant repetitious outcomes, I am mourning the reality that one particular area of my life may be settled into a pattern opposite of what I desire. The area of

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The Wasp and the Wind

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There is this little spot where the wind always whispers to me when I am in most need of wisdom.  Not far from my home, on the southwest summit of Stone Mountain, I find comfort in sitting upon a rock under a gathering of strangely dwarfed pine trees.  The view is spectacular, especially at sunset when the warm orange hughes

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