I am an Autistic Self-Advocate, parent of a child with Autism, and teacher of people with Autism.  I work as a public speaker, author, educator and consultant. I also run a music school called Enlightened Audio, LLC.  Both of my businesses are run and operated solely by me.
This website is undergoing massive changes to provide more videos, photos, and advocacy content that I have created over my 15 years of work with Autism, and my 25 years of work as an educator.  There is no grand launch date as I must find time to make these edits while still producing content and running my classes.  This is how I make my living to support myself and my family.
Thank you for your patience and support.

New Horizons

My goal is to improve the quality of life for people with Autism, their caregivers and their families.  I also wish to redefine the Self-Advocate’s role in society as an equal voice to professionals allowing us through adequate compensation to support our own lives in a manner consistent with the industry and allowing people with disabilities to rise above poverty level wages.
Using a presuming competence model and years of my own experience I also wish to make the world of professionalism, and entrepreneurialism accessible to those with Autism, speaking or non-speaking, so that their voices might change the disabilities narrative.

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