They’re right, I’m a Nothing?

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Dear Phoenix, It took me 3 days to prepare myself to make that phone call.  Phone calls remain my one major test as a person with Autism, my Kobayashi Maru.  To most people, this sounds silly or trite, but for me it is real. For those of us who struggle with communication, the phone can be confusing.  Many unexpected factors and

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How to stop time

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Dear Phoenix, Negativity is a foul disease that infects the air of adventure.  The information wars between those who push and those who seek are louder now, and it seems fear has its fingers on the volume dial.  Though the heat from your flames are scorching me, for the first time I find I am able to channel the fire,

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When Charity Taketh Away

lauranadine/ October 5, 2017/ autism, emotions, Uncategorized/ 1 comments

How Autism Speaks stole income from working Autistic people This past week I presented at a conference in San Diego called Love and Autism.  The conference was put together by the amazing professionals at The Family Guidance and Therapy Center of Southern California. I have spoken at many conferences, but this one is the most unique I have experienced so

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Anger, Truth, and Comfort

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Dear Phoenix, Sometimes I anger people, and even more so lately, but this does not bother me.  Anger is their poison, not mine.   I believe in the good of people, and that we get locked away inside ourselves because we want to be accepted more than we want to speak objective truths.  Since what is popular to believe changes,

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Autism Disclosure Does Not Make Me a Target

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Dear Phoenix, It is often that I hear from parents that they are afraid to disclose their child’s Autism because they make their child a target.  My first question is, why do people believe this? First, let me say what usually remains unsaid, Autism is only invisible from a selective point of view.  When onlookers define the parameters of normalcy,

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Tonight, I am Playing the Shadow Songs for You

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Instead of writing a letter to Phoenix, tonight, I will be taking my violin to the edge of the water to play shadow songs to the sunset. Inspired by a student who taught me of the Japanese concept “mono no aware”, the awareness of impermanence (mujō), or transience of things, and both a transient gentle sadness at their passing as well

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Time to Be Naked and Return to Innocence

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Dear Phoenix, I posted on Facebook yesterday about the hate and violence infecting the US.  I was moved to post something because silence seems wrong. In my post I had noted that for 22 years, no one bothered the Boston Holocaust memorial. Now it has been vandalized twice in 6 weeks. White-supremacy is not acceptable. Racism is not acceptable. Bigotry

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Finding My Passion for Teaching

lauranadine/ August 14, 2017/ autism, music, Rising Like the Phoenix/ 3 comments

Dear Phoenix, There is a certain kind of giddy I get when I think about the students I teach.  Every one of them brings to me a renewed sense of the world around me. When I first started teaching, I worked as an after school music tutor.  After a few sessions, I knew that teaching was misunderstood as a profession

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